Hot Device Identity

Carrier Grade Linux system software

What's HDI?

HDI is a part of Carrier Grade Linux specification: a device should have the same name over boots and a hot plug device retain its identity even when re-plugged.

The feature requirement is 2.1.3 ("Hot Device Identity") in Requirements Definition, V1.1 and item 1.2 in Architecture Specification, V1.1 on the OSDL CGL page, link above.


The first working piece of software renames network interfaces. It currently works for ethernet devices, by means of a configuration file akin to /etc/fstab.


The software is called nif and you can find it at HDI project page on


Taneli Vähäkangas acts as a patch-monkey and keeps the software from falling apart. Other contributors include Janne Huttunen, Kari Hautio and Ville Lavonius. The page has contact information. Logo